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KM I-CHAR 21 PLUS is used for the fire protection of steel structures and in other fields of application.

It guarantees a  class of fire resistance up to 90 minutes.

KM I-CHAR 21 PLUS is certified according to European Standard EN 13381-8  and ETA (European Technical Approval n. 17/0180), marked CE and DoP.

KM-CHAR 21 PLUS is an high performances water-based intumescent paint, with low VOC. The active solids, the strength of the intumescent foam and the use of nanofillers guarantee an efficient fire barrier.

The fast development of a stable carbon foam with low coefficient of heat transmission guarantees an efficient protection of the flammable and inflammable substrates.

 (Intumescence is the “swelling during carbonization”).

Special chemical compounds react with temperature exceeding 200°C, forming a low density foam of volume up to 100 times the original mixture. This foam guarantees an efficient barrier against the heat transmission, protecting the substrate.

The fire resistance of the structures are very important for the security in case of blaze. In case of fire in buildings, factories, hotels, airports, malls, schools, hospitals, cinema, theaters, multilevel carparks etc., the intumescent paints increase the strength of the structures, and they allow to save lives, preserving the structure, to allow the carrying of the occupants and the working of firemen.




An adequate preparation (cleaning, degreasing and removal of fine particles) is necessary.

The steel surfaces are normally sandblasted (SA21 ½), before applying an anticorrosive primer.

At least two hands of paints are to be applied by airless systems, by crossing wet-on-wet.

A typical application of 1,5 mm (dry product)=2,7 kg/ m2 (wet product) is made by two hands with a wet layer 1 mm thick.

A right equipment is an airless piston pump, minimum compression ratio =40:1, minimum pression 150 bar (for example  GRACO MARK V or WAGNER ProSpray PS34), self-cleaning nozzle Reverse-A-Clean, nozzle diameter 45-50 mils = 1 mm, flexible feed hose of 3/8“ and maximum 30 m long. In the normal spry applications, the medium volume flow changes between 3 and 6 l/min.

All filters of the equipment should be removed after every operating.

The application may be also done by brush or roller, with long single coats, without brushing. The brush/roller application will require more hands than the airless one.

During the application and the drying you will have to work under appropriate environmental conditions.





KM I-PRIMER 036: Fast drying phenolic modification alchidic primer for steel and galvanized steel.


KM I-PRIMER 3500:  Primer for concrete and masonry.


Different commercial primers are compatible. Our technical department may provide a list.


KM I-CHAR 21 PLUS is compatible with alchidic systems according to ETAG 018 (point 5.0.4., evaluation in order to types). The direct application on the galvanized steel is possible according to the compatibility rapport Pr-07-2.094n.

A better appearance and a less grip of dirt can be obtained by a finishing.

The intumescent paints aren’t to be used in the presence of condensation or rain, in wet environments and outdoor. Waterproof finishes are necessary.

Any finishing isn’t generally required indoor according ETAG 018, class Z1 and Z2.

Our acryilic waterbased paint IDROSOL is used on semi-exposed environments  according to ETAG 018, class Y.

Our bicomponent polyurethanic solvent-based PURETHAN is used on outside and totally exposed according to ETAG 018, class X or ISO 12944, corrosion class C3. The application must be particularly careful.



Density:                                                              1.37 ± 0,03 kg/dm3 at 20°C

Dry Residue:                                                      71% ± 2%w/w

Colour:                                                                white

Packaging:                                                          bucket of 20 kg

Deadline:                                                           12 months in original packaging and appropriate environment

Performance:                                                    0,50 ± 0,05mm

Thickness of drying  layer (DFT), 1kg/m2 wet (theoretical)

Application:                                                        normal by airless spray. On the little surface retouching by brush or roller

Wet thickness of one hand:                            airless spray: max 1300 µm (650 µm DFT)

Brush and roller:                                               max 500 µm (250 µm DFT)

Dilution:                                                             not recommended.  With 5% water-solution, where necessary

Drying *:                                                            8 h to the touch/ 24 h - complete

Min. Application Temperature:                     +5°C

Max. Application Temperature:                    +45°C

(*) @ +20°C at 60% UR. The drying time depends on  thickness, temperature, and relative moisture.




KM I-CHAR 21 PLUS is certified according to European Standard EN 13381-8 for the fire protection of steel structures and it is marked CE according to ETA 17/0180.


The technical specifications have only an information value and the maximal results are guaranteed only after preliminary tests of application.



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